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Read pp. 81-88 of Claudette Colvin What is the gist?

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Johnny just received a failing grade on his science exam. lucy oversaw johnny’s paper, and she asked him about it. johnny snapped at her shouting, “it’s none of your business! ” which of the following is the psychological response johnny exhibited towards lucy? select one: a. dismay b. irritability c. hesitation d. hopelessness
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The cheerleading squad practiced their routine, they were still not ready to perform for an audience. choose the best transitional word or phrase to complete the sentence. a) however b) besides c) although d) therefore
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Which phrase most closely matches the meaning of the word pleasantries in this excerpt from susan glaspell's trifles? county attorney: (as one turning from serious things to little pleasantries) well ladies, have you decided whether she was going to quilt it or knot it? a. tea cakes b. trivial talk c. foolish actions d. childish behavior
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~ap english language & composition
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Read pp. 81-88 of Claudette Colvin What is the gist?...
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