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Como son las cartas postale

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Answer the following questions using complete spanish sentences. ¿quién ayuda al doctor? ¿qué tomas para sentirte mejor? ¿tienes fiebre ahorita? *note: this is a practice activity. completing this activity will not only prepare you for future tests and assessments but, more importantly, it will enhance your language ability. this activity will not count towards your grade.
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Choose a fruit or vegetable that is not the same color as the fruit or vegetable listed below. el tomate la manzana, la fresa la sandía la pera
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Can anyone me out with this spanish worksheet
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Fill in the blank with the best answer. antonio llamo a su hermana. a. rápidamente b. rápidas c. rápida d. rápidomente
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Como son las cartas postale...
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